Hi  everyone, my name is Sarah Chu 褚宣. I'm a current sophomore in University of Southern California (USC)南加大 majoring in Business Administration (BUAD). I've been asked to write an article about my life in USC and I have to admit that I had a blast in the freshman year. It's the most amazing year I have in my lifetime. Now let us move on to the topic, so what exactly do college students do in school and off-campus? WE WORK HARD PLAY HARD!

In general, we are required to take at least 16 units class in total (mostly 4 credits per class) per semester. You can take up to 18 units in USC, which is an awesome way to try out new things besides your major (you can take a 1 or 2 units class). Also, you may find out that, for instance, communication (COMM) major is appealing to you and you are capable to handle the materials/workloads, this may leads you to consider minoring/double majoring in COMM. But don't worry that you haven't find your interest yet, you can apply to USC as an undecided major!


I believe that most of the people are curious about the workload in college, what I can say is that it really depends on the class and professor you're having. So I had some classes that are pretty doable and interesting at the same time, not saying that the classes are chilled. I also had some challenging classes too, which you have to spend more time doing the assignments, researching and reviewing for exams. Well, if you're a hardworking student, I don't think it'd be a huge problem for you in college in the academic aspect.  To me, study is my upmost priority in college, so I always manage my to-do list every night beforehand.

Besides studying, I truly recommend all the incoming college students to cherish your sleeping time. Napping between the classes is a good idea but always remember to set the alarm so you won't sleep through the class (some people might rather skipped the class but its not a good idea). In all seriousness, don't pull all-nighters in college unless you convinced yourself that you'd be able to stay awake for the next morning! All-nighters would drag your spirit and consciousness away!

I think I better end up all the say about studying, you must get a little bored, aren't you? All college students need to find a balance to their everyday routine. We know that we're ought to study but having a break and extra-curriculum activities are important as well. Every universities/colleges have various student organizations to commit to. Such as clubs, fraternities, and sororities. They all have diverse goals and are fun-seekers ultimate choice mostly! Kindly reminding, the time commitment is usually long, so manage your time wisely.

Last advices for college~ Be active and make friends! Don't just live in your comfort zone, find out new things, make new friends from different backgrounds and enjoy your freedom! I believe that you would have an amazing/life-changing 4 years in college and don't refrain from opportunities and failures! 🙂


P.S. If you're interested in anything about USC, I'd be really happy to answer all your concerns and questions.

Sarah Chu 褚宣

Sarah in USC

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