Six artificial satellites circle a space station at constant speed. The mass m of each satellite, distance L from the space station, and the speed v of each satellite are listed below. The satellites fire rockets that provide the force needed to maintain a circular orbit around the space station. The gravitational force is negligible.

1. Rank each satellite based on its period.
2. Rank each satellite based on its acceleration.

(a) m=200kg, L=5000m, v=160m/s
(b) m=100kg, L=2500m, v=160m/s
(c) m=400kg, L=2500m, v=80m/s
(d) m=800kg, L=10000m, v=40m/s
(e) m=200kg, L=5000m, v=120m/s
(f) m=300kg, L=10000m, v=80m/s

To find period, use the equation:

Order is (b)<(a)=(c)<(e)<(f)<(d)

To rank the acceleration, use the formula for centripetal acceleration:

Order is (b)>(a)>(e)>(c)>(f)>(d)